Find out if you are eligible for an extension

How did you become aware of the offence

What was your offence

When you became aware of the offence

Outcome of your extension eligibility

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What happens next

Your application is not filed!

Filing your application form/s

You MUST file your application form with a registrar at a Magistrates’ Court closest to you by .

If you reside interstate or overseas, the application form can be filed via email to the Magistrates’ Court closest to where the offence was committed.

Once you file your application the court registrar will allocate a date for your application to be heard in open court. The hearing date will be listed at least seven days after filing your application.

What happens at court

The registrar will provide you with a copy of your application with the hearing date information. The registrar cannot provide legal advice.

It is expected that you attend court for your application. If circumstances prevent you from attending, the court may decide to determine your application in your absence based on any written material supplied. If you would like your application to be heard in your absence, you may wish to file additional written correspondence to support your application. It is at the discretion of the judicial officer to strike out an application if you do not attend.

The registrar will advise the prosecuting agency of your application, who may attend the hearing.

If your application is granted, you will receive a copy of the order to take to Fines Victoria. You must remain in court until the clerk provides you with a copy of the order.

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