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CMS supplier announced

Court Services Victoria has today announced the engagement of Journal Technologies to implement the new case management system (CMS) for the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria and the Children’s Court of Victoria.

The new CMS will enable improved community outcomes by significantly enhancing the ability of other justice agencies to interact with the courts, and be a platform for more efficient court management.

The Magistrates' and Children's Courts hear more than 300,000 cases a year between them. Cases are becoming increasingly complex, and continue to increase in number year-on-year. While the current case management systems deliver within the scope of which they were originally developed, they present significant barriers to meeting service expectations and handling the growing demand in the two courts.

Journal Technologies was selected following a detailed open market three-stage procurement process and comprehensive evaluation.

Journal Technologies has significant experience in the market having supplied case management systems to government agencies for more than 25 years. Servicing over 500 courts and justice agencies in 42 US states and Canada, Journal Technologies is also currently implementing an electronic court management system for the Courts Administration Authority of South Australia.

Journal Technologies will relocate an experienced team to Melbourne to join Court Services Victoria’s project group. Piloting and incremental roll out of the new system is currently expected to commence in mid-2021.

The 2017-18 Victorian State Budget provided $89.2 million for a modern case management system for the Magistrates’ and Children’s Courts, as part of the whole of government response to the Royal Commission into Family Violence.

Quote attributable to Judge Peter Lauritsen, Chief Magistrate, Magistrates’ Court of Victoria
This is a significant project as the new system will be a key part of the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria’s ongoing business transformation as it strives to modernise and provide a greater level of customer service to court users.

Quote attributable to Judge Amanda Chambers, President Children’s Court of Victoria
The Court’s existing case management systems stand in the way of enhancing services and mean that magistrates, staff and court users are reliant on obsolete technology each day. I welcome the appointment of Journal Technologies and I look forward to fit for purpose technology in the Court which will enable improved services and more efficient, user-friendly processes.

Last updated on 23 Jul 2019
Last updated on 23 Jul 2019
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