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Law Week 2021

MCV has an exciting line-up for Law Week from 17 May in the learn about the legal system category.

This year events run online allowing for greater inclusion and accessibility.

Register for your chosen events now via the links below.

MCV flagship event: Mock bail hearing in the Online Magistrates’ Court

Attend a mock bail hearing in a criminal matter, showcasing the functionality of the Online Magistrates' Court (OMC) and how it has contributed to access to justice in the COVID environment. Magistrate Tim Bourke and the OMC team host this event with participation from Victoria Legal Aid.

Register to attend on Monday 17 May at 12pm

A day in the life of an MCV court registrar

You’ve heard of judges and magistrates, but do you know about the other people who are involved in the day-to-day operations of the court?

In this webinar you will learn all about court registrars in the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria. Find out about their role and responsibilities, learn about the inner workings of the court and hear first-hand accounts from two trainee court registrars about what a day in their life looks like.

Register to attend one of two sessions: Tuesday 18 May at 11am and Thursday 20 May at 2pm

The importance of the Koori Court

The Koori Court in the Magistrates' Court of Victoria is designed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders who have taken responsibility and pleaded guilty to a criminal offence. It operates in a more informal way and has been developed to reflect cultural issues.

Hear from Magistrate Rose Falla about how Koori Court operates, why it was introduced and its importance in our justice system.

Register to attend on Tuesday 18 May at 4pm

Assessment and Referral Court - mental health and the therapeutic work of the court

The Assessment and Referral Court (ARC) in the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria is designed for people who have been charged with a criminal offence and have a mental illness or cognitive impairment. It aims to help people address underlying factors that might contribute to their offending behaviour.

In this session, you will hear unique perspectives from Magistrate Roslyn Porter, Melbourne Magistrates' Court's ARC registrar, and Victoria Legal Aid. Find out how the ARC was established, requirements for participants and learn about the ARC expansion following the Royal Commission into the Victorian Mental Health System.

Register to attend on Friday 21 May at 9:30am

Specialist Family Violence Courts - reforming access to justice in family violence matters

Attend a panel discussion highlighting the importance and benefits of the Specialist Family Violence Courts at the Magistrates' Court of Victoria. The session includes an overview of family violence reform and its impacts following the Royal Commission into Family Violence, and the perspective of Magistrate Stella Stuthridge.

Register to attend on Friday 21 May at 1pm.


Last updated on 17 May 2021
Last updated on 17 May 2021
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