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Safety and security

Court security officers are present on sitting days at all Magistrates’ Courts in Victoria. If you have concerns about your safety outside of court, contact the police.  

Court security officers help maintain safety and security in and around court buildings. You will be able to recognise them by their uniform and identity cards.

Court security officers can give directions to people to maintain the safety, security and order of the court. They may intervene if there is an altercation and can direct anyone to leave the court building. Where necessary, they can use reasonable force. When you are at court, any instruction from a court security officer should be followed.

It is important to tell a if you are concerned about attending court at the same time as another person. If you would like to be escorted to another location within the court building, you should talk to a registrar.

Security screening

Every person will go through a security screening process when entering a court building. This is done to seize prohibited items that might cause injury to another person.

Prohibited items include, but are not limited to:

  • drugs
  • firearms
  • martial arts weapons
  • a baton
  • a knife
  • any item that can be used as a weapon.

Prohibited items are classified as non-offensive or offensive weapons:

  • If you have brought an item that is prohibited but non-offensive, you will be given a receipt for the item. It may be returned to you when you exit the court building.
  • An offensive weapon is an item that could cause injury to another person. Court security officers will keep offensive weapons and give them to police. The police can detain or charge you if this occurs.  
Last updated on 14 Nov 2018
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