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Judicial officers

Judicial officers, such as a magistrates and judicial registrars, can make decisions and directions about the law. They can also impose sentences.

Chief Magistrate

Mr Peter Lauritsen is Victoria’s chief magistrate and has the responsibility of: 

  • assigning duties to judicial officers
  • making court rules in consultation with deputy chief magistrates
  • issuing practice directions
  • performing statutory functions.

Deputy Chief Magistrates

Ms Felicity Broughton, Mr Franz Holzer, Mr Lance Martin and Ms Jelena Popovic are Victoria’s deputy chief magistrates. They have the responsibility of:

  • undertaking duties assigned by the chief magistrate
  • acting as the chief magistrate in the absence of the chief magistrate.   


MCV has 113 magistrates who sit at the court's 51 venues. There are also 15 magistrates who sit at the Children's Court (CHC) and eight who sit at the Coroners Court (CCOV).

Mr Ian Alger
Ms Susan Armour
Ms Megan Aumair
Mr Julian Ayres
Ms Donna Bakos
Mr Stephen Ballek
Ms Luisa Bazzani
Mr John Bentley
Ms Jacqueline Billings (CHC)
Ms Angela Bolger
Ms Jade Bott
Mr Timothy Bourke 
Ms Jennifer Bowles (CHC)
Mr Darren Bracken (CCOV)
Mr Gerard Bryant
Ms Abigail Burchill
Mr Tony Burns
Ms Carolyn Burnside
Mr Darrin Cain (CHC)
Ms Suzanne Cameron
Mr Andrew Capell
Ms Rosemary Carlin (CCOV)
Mr Michael Coghlan
Ms Ann Collins
Mr Gregory Connellan
Ms Suzette Dootjes
Mr Peter Dotchin (CHC)
Ms Alanna Duffy
Mr Peter Dunn
Ms Michelle Ehrlich (CHC)
Ms Caitlin English (CCOV)
Ms Rosemary Falla
Mr David Fanning     
Mr David Faram
Mr Bernard FitzGerald
Ms Lesley Fleming (CHC)
Mr Simon Garnett
Mr Timothy Gattuso
Ms Jane Gibson (CHC)
Mr Kieran Gilligan
Mr Phillip Goldberg
Ms Anne Goldsbrough
Ms Julie Grainger
Mr Martin Grinberg
Ms Jennifer Grubissa
Mr Simon Guthrie
Mr John Hardy
Ms Tara Hartnett
Ms Annabel Hawkins (CHC)
Ms Kate Hawkins
Ms Fiona Hayes
Mr Rodney Higgins
Mr Timothy Hoare
Ms Michelle Hodgson (CCOV)
Ms Gail Hubble (CHC)
Ms Audrey Jamieson (CCOV)
Ms Meagan Keogh
Mr Graeme Keil
Mr Russell Kelly
Mr Costas Kilias
Dr Michael King
Mr Jonathan Klestadt
Mr Randall Kune (CHC)
Ms Elizabeth Lambden
Mr Nunzio La Rosa
Mr Stephen Lee
Ms Sarah Leighfield
Mr Dominic Lennon
Mr John Lesser
Mr Gerard Lethbridge
Ms Denise Livingstone
Ms Mary-Anne MacCallum
Ms Ann McGarvie
Mr Simon McGregor (CCOV)
Ms Jan Maclean
Ms Kay MacPherson (CHC)
Ms Urfa Masood
Mr Ross Maxted
Ms Therese McCarthy
Mr Andrew McKenna
Mr Gregory McNamara
Mr Michael McNamara
Ms Sharon McRae
Ms Frances Medina
Mr Peter Mellas
Ms Johanna Metcalf
Mr Peter Mithen
Ms Michelle Mykytowycz
Mr John O'Callaghan
Ms Julie O'Donnell
Ms Kim Parkinson (CHC)
Mr Anthony Parsons
Mr Shiva Pillai
Mr Richard Pithouse
Ms Roslyn Porter
Ms Vicky Prapas
Mr Hugh Radford
Mr Peter Reardon
Mr Duncan Reynolds
Mr Gregory Robinson
Ms Kay Robertson
Mr Charlie Rozencwajg
Mr Ronald Saines
Mr Marc Sargent
Mr Paul Smith
Ms Sharon Smith (CHC)
Mr Patrick Southey
Ms Paresa Spanos (CCOV)
Ms Pauline Spencer
Mr David Starvaggi
Ms Fiona Stewart
Mr Mark Stratmann
Ms Jacinta Studham
Ms Stella Stuthridge
Ms Mia Stylianou (CHC)
Mr Charles Tan
Ms Noreen Toohey
Ms Cynthia Toose
Ms Letizia Torres
Ms Jennifer Tregent
Ms Olivia Trumble
Mr Jack Vandersteen
Ms Susan Wakeling 
Ms Belinda Wallington
Mr Tim Walsh
Ms Nahrain Warda
Mr Mike Wardell             
Mr Ian Watkins
Mr Iain West (CCOV)
Mr Michael Wighton
Mr Brian Wright
Mr Simon Zebrowski
Mr Francis Zemljak (CHC)

Reserve Magistrates

Reserve magistrates sit on an as needed basis in the absence of full-time magistrates.  

Mr Clive Alsop
Mr Tom Barrett 
Mr Ross Betts
Mr Doug Bolster
Mr Barry Braun
Mr Leonard Brear
Mr Phil Byrne
Mr Brian Clifford
Mr Bruce Cottrill
Mr Rodney Crisp
Mr John Doherty
Ms Margaret Harding
Mr Louis Hill 
Mr Frank Jones
Mr Bob Kumar
Ms Cathy Lamble
Mr Gregory Levine
Mr Ian McGrane
Mr Daniel Muling
Mr John Murphy
Mr John O’Brien 
Mr Peter Power
Mr Steven Raleigh 
Mr Barry Schultz
Mr Michael Smith
Mr Alan Spillane

Judicial Registrars

Judicial registrars help manage the court’s workload by hearing matters prescribed by the Magistrates Court (Judicial Registrars) Rules 2015.

Ms Ruth Andrew
Mr Julian Bartlett
Mr Michael Bolte
Ms Shannon Dellamarta
Ms Samantha Dixon
Mr Anthony Gwynne
Ms Leah Hickey
Mr Barry Johnstone
Mr David McCann
Mr Richard O'Keefe
Ms Alison Paton
Ms Katherine Rynne
Ms Angela Soldani 

Last updated on 30 Apr 2019
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