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Changes to Magistrates’ Court fine payment arrangements

The Fines Reform Act 2014 (the Act) commenced on 31 December 2017. Under section 200 of the Act, most fines and costs ordered by the Magistrates’ Court that have not been paid in full have been transferred to Fines Victoria

The Magistrates’ Court can no longer accept payment on the fines that have been transferred, including via BPAY, Australia Post or in person at a Magistrates' Court location. Fines Victoria will send Court Fine Collection Statements with new payment details.

On 12 December 2017, the Court wrote to all those paying fines detailing the changes that the Act introduced.  

Those paying monetary orders that will retained at the Magistrates’ Court have been advised of their new BPAY biller codes. The reference number remains the same.

If you have not received a letter about the changes, please email with your full name, address, date of birth and information regarding the case number or court reference number you think will be affected by the transition. 

If you have any other questions specifically about your case, please email for further information.

Ensure your details are correct with the Magistrates’ Court so your new Court Fine Collection Statement gets to you. Please email with your case number, full name, the address we will have on file and your date of birth. 

Frequently asked questions

Is my fine affected?

If you have fines outstanding that have been imposed by the Magistrates Court and have not been paid in full, your fine transferred to the Director, Fines Victoria at the end of 2017.

A fine includes statutory costs, and costs imposed on a finding of guilt, including costs to be paid to toll operators. The Magistrates’ Court has sent the unpaid fine details to the Director, Fines Victoria. The Director will issue a Court Fine Collection Statement with new payment details. Your Magistrates’ Court payment options and references are no longer valid. 

Can I keep paying by BPAY?

The Magistrates’ Court can not accept payment on fines that have been transferred to Fines Victoria. As such, the Magistrates’ Court BPAY biller code were switched off on Wednesday, 20 December 2017.

Fines Victoria will be send court fine collection statements to those whose fines are transferring to the new organisation. These will detail the new BPAY biller code and the unique BPAY reference number to be used. 

A new biller code has been created for those fines that are remaining with the Magistrates’ Court and this has been detailed in the letters that have been sent out.

Can I pay at Australia Post? 


I have multiple fines in a payment arrangement with the Magistrates’ Court, will that remain?

Each fine needs to be transferred separately to Fines Victoria. You will get a new statement per fine. If you are on an instalment order, you will be able to pay the same amount and the same frequency as your previous arrangement. 

My letter states that my due date is after the 31 December and tells me to pay to the Magistrates’ Court, can I pay to the Court on the due date?

Not any more. The fine was transferred to Fines Victoria and the Magistrates’ Court can no longer accept payment. You will get a new Court Fine Collection Statement with new payment details from Fines Victoria. Make sure your details are correct to ensure the new notice will get to you by emailing

My fine is due and I haven’t received my new Court Fine Collection Statement with the new details, will action be taken against me?

If the due date of you fine is in 2018 and you still haven’t received your new Court Fine Collection Statement, please contact Fines Victoria who will assist you in extending your payment due date.  

We appreciate your patience during this transitional period. Please visit this page regularly for the latest news and updates. 

Last updated on 26 Mar 2020
Last updated on 26 Mar 2020
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