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CMS Portal available for civil courts and cases

The Case Management System (CMS) project has reached its first milestone with the launch of the CMS Portal.

The CMS Portal provides a single system to lodge and file case documents, modernising how our justice system sends and receives information.  

Initially, the CMS Portal will replace all instances of civil case lodgements and civil hearing search functionality. All other filing processes will eventually move away from eDocs and transition to the CMS Portal over the course of the project's lifespan.  

Court users can now access the CMS and:  

  • request and gain access to a case lodged within the system
  • sign and/or authorise a document or form in a filing electronically
  • update stored payment details.  

Additionally, practitioners will have their details populated in civil online forms and portal transactions and screens.  

Credit agency users will also have the capacity to view and download credit agency default order interface files from the CMS Portal.  

This is the first stage in the broader scope of work that will see the Case Management System incorporate most filing systems across the sector.  

The Case Management System is part of the state government’s $1.9 billion package to address family violence, which will bring enhanced access to justice for Victorians through stronger information sharing and improving court processes.  

Last updated on 30 Sep 2022
Last updated on 30 Sep 2022
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