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The Melbourne Drug Court marks two years

It's been a busy two years for the Melbourne Drug Court. There have been:

  • 288 referrals accepted
  • 211 assessments for suitability
  • 12 graduations, with three more to successfully graduate before May 2019.

The Drug Court initiative was launched as part of the Victorian Government’s Ice Action Plan to make the community safer through a targeted reduction in methamphetamine use and drug-related crime. 

The program offers accused persons the option to undertake a drug treatment order in lieu of serving a sentence. The intensive, integrated drug treatment regime is judicially supervised and provides a therapeutic response that addresses the underlying causes of drug addiction. 

The Drug Court at Melbourne now has capacity to accept new referrals.

For more information, go to the Drug Court webpage.

Last updated on 06 Jun 2019
Last updated on 06 Jun 2019
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