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Recording of VCAT monetary order

A decision for the payment of money – called a monetary order – from the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) can be recorded and enforced in the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria.

Where the amount to be paid is over $100,000, you can enforce the VCAT monetary order in either the County or Supreme Court of Victoria.

When a VCAT monetary order is recorded, all enforcement options to claim unpaid money are available.

STEP 1: Contact VCAT

Contact VCAT and ask for a copy of the monetary order to be recorded at the Magistrates' Court.

STEP 2:  Await confirmation

The Magistrates’ Court will record the VCAT monetary order and send a copy to your home address or email address.

What happens next?

Once an order is recorded, an application for enforcement can be made.   

See the enforcement of civil debt page for more information.

Last updated on 30 Oct 2020
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