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Have you recently received a Court Fine Collection Statement or Notice of Final Demand from Fines Victoria?

The Court Fine Collection Statement you have received from Fines Victoria outlines the order of the Court, how much is owing on your fine and your payment options. For more information about this statement, please visit the Fines Victoria website.

If you have received a Notice of Final Demand, and have an enquiry relating to your notice, you must contact Fines Victoria.

Please note the following information regarding court fines, and services the Magistrates’ Court cannot and can provide.

The Magistrates’ Court cannot:

  • accept any payments towards a fine if the fine has been transferred to Fines Victoria.
  • grant payment extensions or instalment arrangements for fines that have been referred. If you are seeking an extension or wanting to pay by instalments, you need to contact Fines Victoria.
  • provide any information on Notices for Final Demand that have been issued by Fines Victoria.

The Magistrates’ Court can:

  • process and hear a rehearing application. If you weren’t at the hearing, you can apply to have your matter reheard.
  • process an appeal to the County Court. If you were at the hearing but unhappy with the outcome, you may be able to lodge an appeal.
  • process an application to convert your fine to unpaid community work. If you cannot afford your fine, you can apply to a Registrar of the Magistrates’ Court to convert your fine to unpaid community work.
Last updated on 16 Mar 2020
Last updated on 16 Mar 2020
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