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Applying for an infringement extension

Find out if you are eligible to make an infringement extension application.

Have you been advised by Fines Victoria to make an application to the Magistrates’ Court in relation to an infringement offence?

Have you only recently become aware of the infringement offence?

You may be eligible to attend your local Magistrates' Court and request an application to extend the time to deal with your infringement.
This is called an infringement extension application.

If a magistrate grants the application, you will be given an extra 28 days to deal with your infringement through Fines Victoria.

Dealing with your infringement may include: 

  • pay the original infringement amount in full
  • nominate the responsible person
  • request a review
  • request a court hearing
  • apply for a payment extension
  • apply to pay by instalments
  • apply for a work and development permit, if you meet certain criteria
  • apply for the family violence scheme, if you meet certain criteria.

To find out if you are eligible to make an application to the court for an infringement extension, answer the questions in the eligibility guide below.

Important information before you begin

You will need to know your infringement details including your offence type.

If you are applying in relation to more than one infringement offence, and you became aware of the infringements on different dates, you will need to run through the questions in the eligibility guide for each offence. You may be required to complete multiple application forms.

If you require further advice on your options legal help is available.

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Last updated on 14 Oct 2020
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