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Legal terms

The law is difficult and is often described in technical language. Our glossary provides short descriptions of legal words and terms you will find on this website.

The hearing process where a magistrate decides whether there is enough evidence for the accused person to stand trial at the County or Supreme Court.

Compensation order

A monetary order that may be imposed in addition to a fine if you are found guilty or convicted of an offence where someone has suffered an injury or loss, or destruction or damage to property because of your offence. You may need to cover medical and counselling costs and/or property damage expenses incurred or likely to be incurred by the victim.

Court fund payment

A court fund payment is money paid directly to the Magistrates' Court that is disbursed to various welfare organisations in the community. It may be ordered as part of an adjourned undertaking or diversion plan. 

Court order

A sentence or direction issued by the court requiring a person or company to do or not do something.


A person or company that a debt is owed to.


When a person is kept in jail or a correctional facility until their criminal matter can be heard.

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