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Legal terms

The law is difficult and is often described in technical language. Our glossary provides short descriptions of legal words and terms you will find on this website.
Sentencing order

A court order that imposes a penalty, such as a fine or imprisonment.


Formal delivery of legal documents to tell a person or company to go to court or to do or not do something.

Statutory declaration

A written statement that is signed and declared to be true and correct before an authorised witness.


A document compelling a person to attend court to give evidence, to produce a document or do both.

Summary case conference

A discussion between the prosecution and the accused person about an alleged offence(s).

Summary offence

A minor criminal offence that can be heard by a judicial officer.

SummonsA document that tells a person when and where they should go to court.
Suppression order

A court order restricting information from being made public.

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